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Suggestion: Allow ADS to set cap on per-instance RAM assignment

  • Last Post 27 December 2017
Archon_SD posted this 26 December 2017

Mike, I just realized when I give someone an AMP Minecraft instance (not ADS access, 'super admin' to their own MC instance) that they get carte blanche to set Java heap size for the instance. It seems to me this is a pretty big vulnerability considering they could assign all the RAM in the server to their instance's heap. A nice option to have in ADS would be the ability to cap memory assignment in an instance when you create it in ADS. Not set the heap size, let it continue defaulting to 1024MB, but letting instance admins adjust it is necessary for mod'd servers.. I get that it's not a 'secure' way to handle it, there's other ways to set heap.. but at least in the interface it'd be nice to have the ability to limit the carnage one instance admin can cause on a server.

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Mike posted this 27 December 2017

You need to create a new role for that user that does not have permission to edit that setting. There isn't any way to restrict the specific values used to be within a specific range.

Archon_SD posted this 27 December 2017

The goal though would be to let them set it, but set it only up to a defined range. (e.g. my server has 32 GB of RAM, and is running 2 MC's, one Ark and ADS. Ark is approx. 4 GB. The 2 MC's default to 1GB of heap, per MC server's default, but with mods and stuff it's desirable to be able to increase that value. Since the super admins for particular instances get to pick what mods they're running, it'd be good to let them manage their necessary heap sizes.. but to limit it to a particular range. (e.g. 4GB) That way, they can adjust the heap to support the mod mix they want, but once they hit their cap, they can decide which mods to sacrifice to stay below their heap cap. The alternative you propose means the ADS/server (not instance) admin would then have to manage the Java heap size for every modded MC instance. Not sure that's the ultimate design you want to leave in place, is it?

Mike posted this 27 December 2017

I don't really see the use case for this, for anyone who has permission to actually create instances or to change provisioning settings, all bets are off. Since there's no such thing as a RAM usage limitation for titles other than Minecraft this feature doesn't make any sense in that regard.

If it's something you're especially keen for then a plugin could add this restriction, but I don't see any benefit to it being part of AMPCORE.