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Suggestions for the AMP app

  • Last Post 20 October 2021
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dualarrow posted this 19 October 2021

Hi, Firstly, just like to say AMP is a great !

Some suggestions on what would be nice to have.

When editing a file, have the name of the file displayed somewhere (If I'm smending a while editing it, I cant tell which file it is.

The addition of a command history for console commands so you could press up/down arrows to easily re-execute commands (I find myself typing in the same command many times while testing things).

A private plugins folder so you can place the plugins you use regularly (not necessarily the ones supplied in AMP) for easy selection into new instances.

A templating system to create instance templates using selected plugins (from AMP and the private folder mentioned above)

A clear screen option in the console screen would be nice. It would make it much easier on startup to see when a restart log starts. A copy to clipboard would also be handy.

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Mike posted this 19 October 2021

Almost everything you asked for already exists.

dualarrow posted this 19 October 2021

I found the command history and file name display (I must be going blind). I'm guessing the templating is only for the enterprise license. Further searching and I couldnt find anything for the last 3. Did I miss something ?

Mike posted this 20 October 2021

You can copy to clipboard same as normal, we're looking at adding a visually distinct 'run separator' to make it obvious when the application has been added.

Templating is available on Network Premium and the Enterprise licences.