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Trying To Download A ModPack - Specifically Skyfactory 4

  • Last Post 16 May 2021
ugly_peanut posted this 24 April 2021


I recently made a server with AMP, and had the idea of making it SkyFactory 4, and I can also play with my friends. I couldn't find an easy to use installation feature, or anything.

Any instructions on how to download SkyFactory 4, or any modpack would be great (Please be specific and concise.).



ashlyne posted this 16 May 2021

First download the latest SkyFactory4 server files from CurseForge

  1. Create a new Java Minecraft instance
  2. Go to the "Minecraft" section in Configuration and set Server Type to Forge
  3. Upload the zip file you downloaded into the base folder in File Manager
  4. Right click the zip folder in File Manager and click "Extract Here"
  5. Browse to the base folder (../instances/INSTANCE_NAME/Minecraft/) with the local file system (File Explorer)
  6. Run "Install.bat"
  7. Go to the "Minecraft" section in Configuration and click "Scan for new JARs"
  8. Go to the "Java" section in Configuration and set "Memory Limit" to 7168
  9. Follow these instructions to setup your world
  10. After you have all the configuration set, just run the server and accept the EULA
  11. Happy crafting 😊