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Trying to install forge minecraft 1.12.2 server through AMP;only downloading forge installer files

  • Last Post 03 September 2021
MrTubzy posted this 03 September 2021

OS: win 10 latest update AMP: AMP Release "Callisto" v2.2.0.6, built 23/08/2021 13:35

I'm trying to install a 1.12 pack on my server like I've done many times before. This time when I download forge though, it only downloads the installer and that's it. I don't have any of the other files.

I tried running the installer to see if the program would recognize forge after I had run the installer and installed the files that I need to start a server but AMP says that those files aren't the right files for the server. I tried to set the .jar as startup jar and it refused.

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Mike posted this 03 September 2021

Is Java installed correctly? It normally downloads and then runs the installer. Have you checked the logs?

MrTubzy posted this 03 September 2021

I figured out what the problem was. I installed 1.12 not 1.12.2. Once I noticed that that was the issue and switched to 1.12.2 and downloaded the files, everything worked fine. Thank you for your response,