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Unable to connect to AMP Server from another computer

  • Last Post 21 February 2021
CORECAGE posted this 14 February 2021

I have been trying to get AMP to work with a Minecraft server. However I have been running into an issue where it will show up when running Minecraft on the local machine, but when I use a different computer on the network or a system outside the network its unable to find the server. The tutorial setup videos do not show how to connect outside systems or there is another issue I am running into.

I can set up a standard server not using AMP and it will work perfectly, just AMP does not seem to work. If I could get any support that would be great thanks!

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AbhorrentJoel posted this 15 February 2021

The best way to get help to is to fill out this information. Ideally, update your initial post with this.

Without more information, I can only give a general answer. Since hosting a standalone server works fine, I would say check the following:

  • Whether the listening IP (the Server IP Address) for the application is not loopback (
  • If the firewall on the host machine is blocking the application

CORECAGE posted this 21 February 2021

Thanks for getting back on this,

Currently using Windows 10 Home

AMP Release "Ganymede" V2.1.0.6 Just Updated to AMP Release "Ganymede" V2.1.0.8 with no change.

I have tried changing the binding ports and the server ports, they are currently set to

Default AMP IP Binding is (Any IPV4 Address) Default Application IP Binding is (Any IPV4 Address)

Amp Instance is on Port 8080

The Minecraft server is on Binding Ending

I have recently changed it to the IP address linked with my network card instead of for all settings with no change. It also shows that the IP in AMP Instance Manager doesn't change from the to the network cards IP.

CORECAGE posted this 21 February 2021

After seeing your reply and turning off the loopback settings it did not seem to fix the issue. However fiddling around with it for a while longer, I did eventually deleted all Instances and the AMP instance, re-installing everything worked perfectly.

Thanks for the help!