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Unable to upload .zip files larger than 1.8gb

  • Last Post 28 May 2019
dextabrewa posted this 22 May 2019

When uploading from the file manager, any zip file larger than around 1.6-1.8gb spits out this error message in the chrome console:

Failed to load resource: net::ERRCONNECTIONRESET

I've tried Microsoft Edge and Firefox, no good. I need to upload a 10gb zip to get my server back online, but can't even partition the upload due to this issue.

System info:

Chrome 64bit


i7 14gb ram

Windows 10 Pro on a VM

Google fiber

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Mike posted this 22 May 2019

Does it do it immediately, or after some time?

dextabrewa posted this 22 May 2019

Immediately after

Mike posted this 22 May 2019

Hmm, I shall look into this and get back to you.

Mike posted this 28 May 2019

I've been investigating the issue, the web server library AMP uses can't handle file uploads larger than 2GB at this time. I'm looking into whether it's possible to extend this by modifying it.

Mike posted this 28 May 2019

A temporary workaround has been added. This disables fast mode for files larger than 256MB so they'll still work properly.