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Using the API to Stop/Start/Restart a Server (Not the Instance)

  • Last Post 27 November 2021
  • Topic Is Solved
winglessraven posted this 25 November 2021


I've been playing around with the API and have successfully made some calls for instance statuses etc.

I'm now looking at how to start/stop/restart servers (not the instance, but the server inside it) and have found the /API/Core/Start ,/API/Core/Restart and /API/Core/Stop definitions in the API docs but can't figure out how to define which server I want to send the command to. It looks like the method doesn't take any input - can you please advise?

Thanks, Wing.

winglessraven posted this 27 November 2021

Resolved in Discord:

Send the request directly to the instance at its own port Or you can use the proxy API in ADS (API/ADSModule/Servers/SERVERIDHERE/Core/Start)