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Valheim Plus - Incompatible version

  • Last Post 05 March 2021
TimeHunter posted this 03 March 2021

Hi I finally got the AMP functioning, I installed a test server for Valheim Plus. The issue is that the Valheim Plus version is still vanilla version.

The Console logs shows that the AMP version is 0.147.3 and my client is 0.147.3@0.9 the '@0.9 is the Valheim Plus mod.

17:48:01 Placed locations in zone 1,0 duration 3.444 ms Placed locations in zone 3,0 duration 0.115 ms VERSION check their:0.147.3@0.9 mine:0.147.3 Peer has incompatible version, mine:0.147.3 remote 0.147.3@0.9 Placed locations in zone -2,1 duration 10.818 ms RPC_Disconnect Disposing socket Closing socket

The Console also shows that specific libraries could not load. Can send capture if required?

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Mike posted this 03 March 2021

Insufficient information, please see

bcwolfen posted this 03 March 2021

Sounds like your server only has vanilla Valheim installed and not the mod. Pretty sure AMP can't install mods, so you would need to do that manually.

TimeHunter posted this 04 March 2021

OS Name: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Server fully patched and maintained. sudo reboot Ka0s2o35 64GB DDR4, I9 9900.

Product Name: AMP and Valheim Plus 0.147.3 with Plus 0.9

Problem Description: In stalled Valheim Plus using the AMP Template called Valheim Plus, all files and folders that are required to run Valheim Plus are there, when you goto join the server using the ValheimPlus client it returns an error stating that it in an incompatible version. When you join the same server using vanilla client the game connects and you can play, but none of the mods are active.

Steps to reporduce: Step 1 - Web control panel of AMP - Click Create Instance - Under Select Application pick ValheimPlus. Step 2 - Start Instance and proceed to Manage (As my ports are already setup for ValheimPlus. Step 3 - Start the application ValheimPlus, this will then download Valheim and the mod Plus Step 4 - Open Filemanager and check to see that the files and folders for plus has been created. (Folders - BepInEx, doorstoplibs, unstrippedcorlib, there should also be a number shel scripts created.) Step 5 - Start Game client for Valheim Plus find server under server list and connect, enter password to server and you get Version incompatible. Step 6 - Check console will find errors.

As a temporary fix I have had to install ValheimPlus manually to the server, not using AMP to manage the instance ideally would prefer to use AMP to manage it as I do with the Valheim server.

8BitSaint posted this 04 March 2021

When installing ValheimPlus through AMP on Ubuntu 20.04 (possibly other versions as well), the actual mod installs fine, but fails to load when starting the server.

  1. Shut down your ValheimPlus server but leave the instance running
  2. Connect to the Ubuntu server that your instance is running on and switch to the amp user
  3. Edit this file: ~/.ampdata/instances/INSTANCE_NAME_HERE/Valheim/896660/valheim_server_Data/MonoBleedingEdge/etc/mono/config

  4. Add this line at the bottom of the <configuration> block (before the </configuration> tag):

    <dllmap dll="dl" target="" \=""></dllmap>

  5. You may also need to add a line to the BepInEx config file (you can do this from the file manager in AMP). Manage the instance in the AMP web portal, then go to File Manager > BepInEx > config, then edit the valheim_plus.cfg file.

  6. Find the [Server] block and add these lines to the bottom of that block (before the [Stamina] block):

    ; Changes whether the server will force its config on clients that connect. Only affects servers.


  7. Make sure that you have enabled the [Server] block at the very least. Double check the rest of your config to enable and adjust different settings. By default, none of the changes the mod makes are enabled.

  8. Start your Valheim server

TimeHunter posted this 05 March 2021

I made the changes, but did not work. When the server starts the console shows a load of fallback handler's could not be loaded.

I gone as far at to build a new Linux server with amp on it and allow the system solely for Valheim Plus to see if that sorts the issue, and once again I get the same fallback handler's could not be loaded.

The Valheim Plus I have installed and setup without AMP works fine. I'll just setup some crone jobs to stop the server and backup.