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Valheim Server not Showing up on Server List.

  • Last Post 14 February 2021
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leguim posted this 13 February 2021

Os Version: Ubuntu Server 19.10

Cube Coders Product: Amp

Module Used: Generic Module (Valheim)

Issue: Server does not show up on the server list for any of my friends (I expect it to be a port forwarding issue, but I cant seem to find out exactly what is wrong). The server shows up on Valheim and on my server browser on steam, but it doesn't show for anyone else that's trying to connect. I have a suspicion that perhaps the default ports given (5678-5680) might have something to do with it, but I'm not entirely sure that is the case.

Steps Tried to Resolve: I've tried incrementing the port from the link by one as mentioned by another post on the support page. This made it so people could see the server is active, but still does not allow them to join. I've also tried to change the ports to the default values to no avail.

Update: Other players have managed to join using the join game feature on steam, but they still cannot join from the server list.

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pdxampuser posted this 14 February 2021

Hey Leguim,

The official documentation says the server runs on ports 2456-2458, not 5678-5680. I think that might be your problem. I run my server (Application Port 1 on the Valheim Module) on port 2456 and open up 2456 (TCP/UDP) on my router and everything works just fine for me. To find your server from the in game server browser, you'll have to go to the "Join Games" tab, then select the "Community" radio button, and then search for the name of you server in the "filter" section. I have never been able to get the "Friends" section to work.

I hope that helps you out!

leguim posted this 14 February 2021

Thanks for the response! Hopefully it gets ironed out.

Mike posted this 13 February 2021

Not an AMP issue. The in game server list is known to be flaky. This is an issue for the Valheim devs.