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When trying to create a RUST server I get an error regarding my KEY

  • Last Post 19 September 2020
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SwatSniper posted this 10 September 2020

"The key specified in the configuration is not a valid licence key."

While in the ADS Management portal @ 8081 I choose "Create Instance" Select Rust and set my options. When I press to proceed I get a popup with the message above.

I have a 5 - Slot Personal License which I thought covered all the games.. Now the question is do I need to own rust and have it in my steam account in order to setup an instance? I didn't want to buy the game until I knew I could run a private server and mess around in a "sandbox" style environment but if I need to own the game to setup the instance then it would make sense why I get that. If not then is there a seperate license for Rust servers?

Thank you for any help.

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Mike posted this 16 September 2020

Under Configuration -> New Instance Defaults you need to re-enter your AMP licence key.

SwatSniper posted this 19 September 2020

I deleted all the temp files and the rust folders, then I did what you listed here and then re-created the rust instance and it worked perfectly!

Thank you!